The Answers Are Out There Somewhere…

Attendee of last year’s Northwest Genealogy Conference and volunteer for this year’s conference, Anne Grimm, tells about her start in genealogy and some things she found helpful in her research.

I have been doing family history research since early 1972 when one day my mother-in-law got out her books and paperwork. I was sitting there going through her pictures, papers and books. Something just clicked! I knew nothing about my paternal grandparents or great-grandparents or my maternal great-grandparents. We lived close to my mother’s family so I knew my maternal grandmother well. My grandfather died when I was only 5 years old so I don’t remember much at all about him, only what others told me. After getting the ‘bug’, I started written correspondence with my paternal grandmother to get information from her about the family. We developed a great relationship via mail.

I have taken my maternal greats back 10 and 5 generations. I was stuck (hit a brick wall) on my paternal side. I had taken it back only to my great-great-grandfather UNTIL I attended the Northwest Genealogical Conference in 2015 and a vendor with ArkivDigital, a Swedish research program, helped me tear down that wall. Since then, with the help of DNA, I have been able to go back 4 generations on that set of greats and 5 on the other set of paternal greats.

I have also taken on two cemeteries in my area to document the headstones so others can find their ancestors. Find A Grave is a great place to find information but make sure of the sources. As many years as I have been researching I find close family members have different dates, etc. on the same person. And Rootweb has a website where you can find obituaries, and in my spare time I file obituaries for them. At last year’s conference I found there are many places out there that can help you further your search.

It is amazing how you can sit down to do a little research and look at the clock and it is 5-6 hours later. It is a great hobby!!

This year I will be attending the conference and volunteering to help out with different needs.