Interesting Entertainment for the Genealogy Buff

If you are like me and enjoy genealogy related TV, you might like the following programs:


Who Do You Think You Are?  The first episode of this season aired this past Sunday.  If you missed it, you are not out of luck.  You can watch it online at The Learning Channel’s website. Hat tip to Thomas MacEntee at Geneabloggers for this information.

Long Lost Family. This show helps folks who were adopted find their biological family.  This show also airs on Sunday but if you have missed the past episodes, you can also watch them on The Learning Channel’s website.  The first episode appears to be free for everyone and the remainder are open to those with a cable subscription.

The third show that I have enjoyed is online at and is called Relative Race.  This show aired on Sunday as well, and just started it’s second season.  On this show, four couples have taken DNA tests and are racing across country meeting relatives along the way.  They have to find their way from place to place with clues, paper maps and no GPS.  When they reach the town where their relative lives, they have to complete challenges that award them with new clues to find and then spend the night with these relatives that they have never met.  The slowest couple on each episode receives a strike and if you get three strikes you are eliminated.  You can watch all of the 1st season online as well as the 1st episode of this season.

Happy Viewing!