NwGC Speaker Highlight





Are translating documents a sticking point in your research? This year at NwGC we are offering two classes to help get beyond that sticking point.  Jean Hibben, Phd., former college professor and Board-Certified genealogist will be teaching: German Research for Those Who Do Not Speak German and Dead Language, Dead People: Translating Latin Records.    I am especially eager to hear what she has to say about German research and I am sure those with Catholic ancestors will be interested in the class on translating Latin records. In addition to the classes on language this year she will also be teaching a class entitled: The Devil is in the Details: don’t Overlook Minutiae! Jean writes for genealogy publications and serves or has served on the boards of a number of genealogy related groups.  You can learn more about what she is up to at her website: Circle Mending and her joint venture with Gina Philibert-Ortega at Genealogy Journeys. We are excited to have Jean included in our excellent group of speakers at the conference this year.