We have received Issues of Internet Genealogy and Your Genealogy Today here at the SVGS library.  Some of the topics covered in the current issues look very interesting.

A few of the topics included in Your Genealogy Today include:

Shades of Gray: Tackling Uncertainty in Your Research

What is XDNA

Cathedrals, Crypts and the Family Tree

Researching Circus & Vaudeville Ancestors

Internet Genealogy topics include:

Civil War African-American Union Soldier Records

Rain or Shine? Your Ancestors’ Weather

Germans from Russia Heritage Collection

These magazines are always informative and helpful toward researching those elusive ancestors.  Come into the library and check them out.





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  1. Michele Cozad

    What great resources we have at SVGS and such great volunteers willing to share and help you …Thanks Pam for keeping members up-to-date


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