Digging Deep – Doing Historical Research

Free Class / October 19 / 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM / Bellevue

Digging Deep – Doing Historical Research


Digging Deep is for local heritage volunteers, teachers, students, beginning genealogists, and others interested in exploring the past.  You’ll get practical advice and learn the basic steps for gathering the information that you will need to investigate and interpret a historical topic.

This class will cover:

·       What historical sources are—and how to use them;

·       What primary sources are—and aren’t;

·       What secondary sources are—and why they’re useful

·       How to use the library system in your research;

·       How to use archival collections;

·       How to find and use reliable online resources; How to properly cite your sources;

·       How to use information from different sources.

Seats are limited.  Register now at https://www.sos.wa.gov/archives/recordsmanagement/trainingsignup.aspx

Scroll down to “Public Events” and click on the “Register” button for “Digging Deep: Doing Historical Research”

For further information, contact Mike Saunders, Washington State Archives, Puget Sound Branch at mike.saunders@sos.wa.gov or 425-564-3950.