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Granite Falls Historical Museum

The Stillaguamish Valley Genealogical Society Secretary and conference volunteer, Michele Cozad, tells us about one of the vendors that will be at the Northwest Genealogy Conference…

The “Midsummer Night Encounter” was held at this great local museum Saturday night July 16th. If you have ever been interested in local railroads and logging operations this “Little Museum that Could” is a must see! There was a great Washington Wine and cheese/fruit tasting event before the winners of the Silent Auction were announced. SVGS members Dee Saunders walked away with a movie gift box and Michele Cozad received a 2 night family get-away package to the Ocean. Look for the Granite Falls Historical Museum as a vendor at the Northwest Genealogy Conference, August 17th-20th. They will have their great “Snohomish County Map Overlay Program” running non-stop at their table. This software program (in the SVGS Library – Snohomish County #36) is a wonderful account of our county that begins around 1910 – homestead property lines, railroad spur lines, roads, water markers – lakes, creeks, etc – all displayed in an “overlay” format. It’s amazing – stop by their table and check it out!

Friday Conference Dress up Day!

Dress the way your ancestors may have on Friday August 19 during the Northwest Genealogy Conference. Stillaguamish Valley Genealogy Society Treasurer and Conference volunteer, Larry Taylor, explains what he’ll be wearing…

Dress up day! Okay Larry order your Kilt by your birthday. That was on my to do list. My birthday was 7/21. Opps did not happen. So on 7/24 I am ordering Kilts and having them shipped in 3 days. Kilts you ask? My DNA test (23 & Me) shows my line goes across the US to Virginia then onto Ireland and then to Scotland. I believe that defines me as a Scots-Irish. My Great Grandmother was a Ledgerwood and that is the same route as my Taylor line. I have other great grand parents that all come from Sweden, France, England and Germany. On Friday of the NW Genealogy Conference in Arlington, Washington (Aug 17-20) I will be dressed as a Scotsman. Come join me, let’s have some fun. Larry Taylor, proud to be a Scot!

Bring Their Stories To Life

Gain the tools to build the story of your ancestors at the Northwest Genealogy Conference. This blog post is from conference volunteer Lisa Bartlow…

A civil war soldier, a widow making the journey from Germany to a new land with her seven children in the early 1700’s, an attorney, farmers (lots of farmers!), and a baker just to name a few. The folks on my tree came from all walks of life.

History comes alive as you explore your ancestors and the times in which they lived. Wars, migrations and family circumstances influenced what they did and where they did it.

There are many resources available to help you find out more about your family members. The speakers at this year’s SVGS Northwest Genealogy Conference will share tips and tools to start or expand your journey.

Discover the stories that go beyond the names and dates!

Lisa Bartlow

Door Prizes: Another Sneak Peek

Follow me past the three-headed dog. His name is Fluffy. It’s ok, I know the secret to keep him sleeping. Anne Grimm, the official acquirer and keeper of door prizes, is letting us have another peek behind the heavily guarded door…

An annual Premium subscription to Lisa L Cooke’s Genealogy GemPods. Her podcasts are packed with valuable information.

A copy of Evidentia genealogy software – full version CD

Genealogy Bank annual subscription, we have 2 of these and this is another place to find information on relatives.

Genealogy research help books which include the Unofficial Guide to annual subscription. With 4100 newspapers to gather information from and they add pages everyday.

Society Saturday: Grandma’s Garage

The Stillaguamish Valley Genealogical Society Secretary, Michele Cozad, asks to bring your unknown photos to the society…

Ever come across a box of photos but they were not your family and you didn’t know what to do – they were perfectly preserved (taken in 1895-1900), taken by a photography studio in the middle of Kansas and there was only a couple of pictures identified as “Aunt Mary” or “Uncle Henry”… bring them to our own Mary Buzzell our Genealogist Chair. Mary identified one person by full name. SVGS volunteers found a “Leaf” on Ancestry and contacted the researcher – this was the Great Granddaughter! Obviously she was thrilled to find unknown photos of Aunt Mary & Uncle Henry and Great Grandpa….Thank you goes to the Arlington resident who recognized the value of long lost photos and the other SVGS volunteers who reunited the photos with direct descendants! A wonderful ending to box of “stuff” found in the back of a garage!

Society Saturday: A Genealogist Library

Secretary of the Stillaguamish Valley Genealogical Society, Michele Cozad, explains how the library collection continues to grow…

SVGS received an inquiry from a local genealogist family who asked if we were interested in a donation of a lifetime library of the family hobby – well – YES….

The wonderful gracious donation was delivered on June 21st with hundreds of books – in 10 big boxes…we’re still counting and listing this find – it appears that most of the books are not duplicates (sorry – collectors!) but will be inventoried and shelved for all of our patrons to enjoy. Vice-President of the Library Steve Baylor exclaims “How wonderful for a family to think of us when “down-sizing” – we can use these books to better serve our patrons”…. Anyone out there cleaning out or downsizing? Please keep SVGS in mind – this is how we grow…our library…..

Conference Banquet: Gleneagle Country Club

Michele Cozad, Secretary of The Stillaguamish Valley Genealogical Society, will make you drool with her description of the banquet menu for the Northwest Genealogy Conference…

The smell of a stone fired pizza oven permeated the air at a recent visit to the Gleneagle Golf Course. Ahh – I’m sitting on the sun-drenched patio with a refreshing glass of Washington Wine overlooking the greens while a soft breeze is flowing. This is the banquet facility that the Northwest Genealogy Conference has selected to be the location of our Friday night – August 19th – event. A short 1 mile drive from the conference facility this will be the best banquet ever. The conference catering committee has been fine tuning the menu which is offering all fresh choices – Chicken Cordon Bleu (with fresh Washington chicken breast) or vegetarian – GF- Zucchini Lasagna. This will be accompanied by fresh veggies and new red potatoes – there is more – fresh peach cobbler or local ice cream for dessert. Best of all is the fellowship of meeting new people and greeting old friends at this event. Did I mention we are having a “Social Hour” right after class ends on Friday afternoon – see you there at 5:30 for the Social Hour which is followed by the banquet at 6:30. A fun time is guaranteed for all of you…make your reservations now at under “Registration”.