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FREE DNA Webinar: Reveal Your Unique Story Through DNA & Family History

For those of you who tried to watch the free webinar on September 23rd and were disappointed by the technical difficulties or those of you who were unable to watch due to scheduling conflicts you haven’t missed out!  The full seminar was recorded and is now available to watch via Youtube. You can find it here. I was able to watch it and learned some new things that may prove helpful in my research.

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FREE DNA Webinar: Reveal Your Unique Story Through DNA & Family History


Social Media and the Genealogist


Social media isn’t just for keeping up with you friends anymore; there are more and more groups on Facebook that are specifically for genealogy.  Many families have started surname research groups to keep up with cousins and share information. I personally have found several groups helpful including: the Genealogy Do-Over (a group for those who want to go back into their past research and start over, making sure everything is thoroughly analyzed, evaluated and cited); The Organized Genealogist (organizing everything from files to offices);  Gendocs Templates (forms for research freely shared); Technology for Genealogy(discussions cover all types of technology related to genealogy); Genealogy – Cite Your Sources(for those who want help in properly citing sources);  and Find a Grave Genealogy (for those who use and participate on the find a grave website).  These are just a few of the many Facebook Groups that are specifically for genealogists.  The groups are topic specific and you can ask questions and get help from other researchers.  Elizabeth Shown Mills, author of Evidence Explained, often answers questions on the Genealogy – Cite Your Sources group page.  I find that the groups provide fresh incentive and ideas to my research.  For those of you who have a Facebook profile, you might want to check into some of the genealogy groups available and for those of you who thought Facebook wasn’t for you, you might give it a try and see if you don’t find some useful gems on there.